Message from Paul Stafford - Creator of the Stageprompter

February 09, 2018

Thank you for your interest in The Stageprompter.  Being a singer and musician myself, I understand the importance of confidence when you are performing on stage. Your chords and lyrics are part of your music’s DNA and your audience wants to hear them from the heart.  If a guitar string breaks or amp goes down, you can laugh it off, blame the equipment and the crowd will call it Rock-N-Roll.  If you lose your place in a song, forget the words or chords, the audience is less forgiving, which can shatter the confidence of the lead singer and potentially the whole band.

The major feature of The Stageprompter is its covert nature.  The audience is unaware that it is on stage, yet you can always rely on it to be there when you need it.  That’s why my vision for this product has always been uncompromising quality and reliability. 

We have spent years developing reliable gear made of quality materials.   Our products come with a one year manufacturer’s world-wide warranty, and are designed and built with the rigor required to withstand the shocks and bumps of a touring rock band.

The Stageprompter was created for the specific purpose of performing on stage.  Unlike alternative products which utilize a personal computer mounted inside, The Stageprompter features our own proprietary architecture that is simple, turns on instantly, requires no ongoing user maintenance and operates without a complicated operating system.

So what are you waiting for?  Please take time to review the rest of our website to see other “featured artists” who are already using our products.  We’re certain that your audience will feel your increased confidence flow through your music and into legendary performances.


See you on stage,


Paul Stafford

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