What is the advantage of a Stageprompter over an iPad or tablet?

The screen size on tablets are such that they must be mounted on a mic stand or music stand to be seen by the performer, therefore, an audience will know it is being used.  Tablets are also vulnerable to messages popping up at unforeseen times, which can interrupt a performance.  The Stageprompter looks like a wedge monitor speaker and is covert from the audience.  The screen will not time out for any reason.  You can read more about issues using iPads here.

Do the lyrics “scroll”?

No.  The Stageprompter displays a static image which allows the performer to use it as a reference.  To be done correctly, scrolling lyrics require a complex link to the music being played.  Scrolling lyrics also tend to keep the eyes of the performer “fixed” on the screen, making it difficult to look away from the lyrics.

How do I create my images?

There are several ways.  Our proprietary Web Application is designed to help users create and format images to meet their individual needs on stage.  It also arranges your music in any setlist order that is required and has a backup utility to archive files.  It can be used on any PC or Mac computer, then output to a memory stick.

How much is a Web Application license?

A 1-year subscription to our Web Application is included with all Stageprompter purchases.  Additional licenses are available for 40 GBP and are sold through our UK operation.  Included with each license is unlimited telephone and online support, and ensures that the most recent upgrade is always available to the user.

Do I need to use the Web Application to operate my Stageprompter?


No.  The Web Application is very useful, but it is not required for Stageprompter use.  The Stageprompter will read any .pdf or .jpg files, and they can be created using Word, PowerPoint, or any program that will create these types of files.

Can I have larger font size on the Stageprompter screen?

Yes.  You can increase font size within your images to your own requirements.

How many songs can I get on a memory stick?

Thousands.  Some customers prefer to use additional sticks for different setlists, genres or even bands.

Why is the Wedge-03 more expensive on Amazon

Amazon Prime orders come with 2 days shipping included which is more expensive than ground shipping.

I’ve seen some Stageprompter “lookalikes” out there.  What are your competitive advantages?

Most competitors put a standard PC inside the cabinet that runs on an older version of Windows.  The Stageprompter is the true musicians teleprompter, utilizing a custom-made controller that is designed to do one thing, display lyrics.   It does not need software updates and is immune from screensavers and the “blue screen of death”.  Our foot switches are custom made of metal, not plastic.  Every element of the Stageprompter is designed for the professional musician.

Why do Stageprompters not contain a battery backup? 

The Stageprompter does not contain an off-the-shelf PC, so it does not require a battery backup system.  Unlike competitor products that contain a computer that needs to reboot, the Stageprompter will restart in seconds.  Additionally, if the power goes off on stage, remembering lyrics will not be your biggest problem.

I would like to try a Stageprompter, but I’m not ready to buy.  What do you recommend?

We currently have several Stageprompters in our rental fleet. Our standard rental period is one week and includes return shipping from anywhere in the US.  If you decide to purchase the unit, we will credit your rental fee towards your purchase.  Please visit our Shop for information.

Can I have more than one Stageprompter and link them together?

Yes.  Stageprompters can be linked using several solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to ship Stageprompters within a day of order but are currently experiencing a large increase in order volume.  Please contact us at (602) 549-6259 for more information about current backlog.  Normal shipping times are 2 business days to the Western US, and 4 business days to the Eastern US.  Faster shipping options are available.

I live outside of the United States, where can I get a Stageprompter?

All non-USA orders are fulfilled from our Cambridge, UK facility www.stageprompter.co.uk