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Controller-05 - Controller only Stageprompter - designed for you to use your own screen on stage. 

The Controller-05 with a USB memory stick, HDMI Cable, Power Supply and Stageprompter Assistant Web App.

Overview - Controller only Stageprompter, connects to a standard PC type screen using a standard HDMI cable (screen not included).

The Controller-05 allows you to connect your own standard HDMI screen to give you a low cost, computerless Stageprompter. The Controller05 has all the same features and operation as our flagship Wedge03 Stageprompter.

Your screen can be positioned on stage on the floor in front of you or can be mounted higher using our optional stand and mount, Ideal for Keyboards / percussion / choirs. The Controller-05 Stageprompter gives the user and fellow performers a massive confidence boost by displaying whatever the user wants to see. This could be chords, lyrics, music score, tabs, structure or whatever is required.

Operation - The Controller-05 displays on your own screen, PDF or JPG files of your songs, lyrics, guitar chords, etc. that are saved onto a USB Memory Stick. The USB memory stick is inserted into the control panel and a menu of images (songs) are displayed. Using the foot switch you can then move through the images in forward or reverse order or select a specific image you require from the menu. There is no on or off stage set up, the Stageprompter teleprompter / autocue monitor is fully operational from the moment it is turned on.

How to get your lyrics  onto the Stageprompter - We have produced a purpose made web application that allows you to cut and paste from your existing song sheets. You format your music, then group and order into sets and can back up and restore your work.

Used By - Any on stage artist wanting a low cost computerless teleprompter or autocue.

Features -

  • Metal case construction
  • Power, USB and HDMI
  • Rubber feet
  • External 12 volt power adapter
  • Robust metal foot switch
  • Weight 3.5lbs
  • Dimensions 1.5 x 7 x 7.25 (inches)
  • 1 year subscription to Stageprompter Web Application included
  • 1 Year Warranty

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